You Know You’re a Thrifty Diva When…

Posted on August 4th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Thrifty Diva

When you start out as a thrifty diva  you seem to just be a normal individual looking for a good deal. Eventually, however,being a thrifty diva can change you.

Bragging Rights

Yes, you bought that beautiful necklace and yes, it was a dollar and twenty five cents. When you start out as a thrifty diva you feel that this is your dirty little secret and feel no need to tell anyone else about your amazing purchase. After a while, however, you feel the need to brag about how much you didn’t spend and the outrageous small price you paid for your purchase. We like to call this the contagious stage of thrifting. The more you brag about your purchases the more your friends would like to have a purchase experience of their own in a thrift store. Before you know it there are thrifty divas everywhere.

Price Snob

You won’t buy an object at a thrift store for four dollars. It’s not that that the item is not worth four dollars, but you are convinced that you can find a better price. Perhaps if it was three dollars, or two fifty, but not four dollars. You know that you want to keep more money in your pocket than you pay at the register (which is funny because you planned to spend the whole twenty in your pocket at the beginning of your shopping excursion). You know the best way to do that is to turn your nose up at the price on the tag and look for the price that you want.


Once a thrifty diva has started to haggle about thrift store prices, there is no going back. It’s one thing to snub a price. It’s another thing entirely to start actively trying to change that price. You will quibble about twenty five cents and feel the rush of victory when you succeed in lowering the price. You are no longer afraid or ashamed to confront someone over a price you don’t approve. Now that’s a thrifty diva!

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