Working Out On A Budget

Posted on May 18th, 2012 by Discount Debbie


When I was single with more disposable time and money than I could appreciate at the time, I had a gym membership and took advantage of both the equipment and the classes to keep in shape. Fast forward a few years. I get married and move to a new state at the same time, have a baby before our first anniversary and another two years later. Suddenly, the time and money spent on working out have faded into a vague, very distant memory.

I have always enjoyed working out and really do feel the difference in my energy level when I miss it. So, I needed some way to work out even though I no longer had the disposable time and income to make it happen. So, I found a few simple ways that work for me:

1. Get Outside. If you really want to work out, this is the simplest and least expensive (free!) way to do it. Power walking, jogging, running, bike riding can all be done right outside your house. When I only had one child–and she slept great through the night–I would get up before my husband left for work to go get a little walk or jog in before he had to leave for work. Then, when he was home on the weekend, I would get out at a more godly hour to get my workout. I almost never just walked right outside my door to workout in the past. Now, I love it. Now that I have two toddlers, I even incorporate it into my walks with my children in the stroller. If I know it’s the only workout I’ll get, I make a point to take them to a playground that is a slightly longer walk/jog for me.

2. Workout DVDs. I used to think that workout DVDs were the most boring and least challenging forms of workout possible. Not anymore. Not anymore because I had to come up with ways to workout in case I could not leave the house (because baby #2 has not been great at sleeping through the night). I happen to like Jillian Michaels’ workout DVDs. It’s a good challenge, it’s only 20 minutes and it’s only about $10.

3. Play With Your Children. I mean really play. Get outside and run and jump with your children. When I go to the playground with the children, I play along. There have been times that they are in the swings right next to each other with me hopping or jumping from one to the other to swing them. It’s a game to them and a great workout for me. While my 3 year old runs around on the slides and swings, I take my 1-year old on the swings and slides also. He’s a heavy 1-year old. So, it wears me out! 😉

There are so many fun, free or inexpensive ways to get or stay in shape. What do you do?


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