Why Pay Attention To Politics? Your Money Matters!

Posted on May 16th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia


Politics can cause most people to lose their temper. That’s because it affects our lives and finances more than we would like to admit. When looking at candidates we need to look  for morals and values, but that shouldn’t be all we are looking at. What are the promises they are making and what are the costs that come with those promises?

Benefits Aren’t Free

I like living in a country where there are programs to help people in times of emergency and need. When using these programs, however, keep in mind they aren’t free. It doesn’t matter if it’s social security, unemployment help, or health care. There is no such thing as a free government program. The money has to come from somewhere and it usually comes from our taxes. One way or another we end up paying for what we might not think was a good idea if we kept in mind we were paying for it.


I’m not against paying my taxes either. They provide safe roads and help build good playgrounds. When it comes to taxes, however, no one wants to pay more than they can afford. There are federal taxes,  and sometimes state taxes, city taxes, and sales tax as well. Then there are taxes for personal property along with other specialized taxes. When electing an official it’s important to know what their plans are once they are in office and how much it may end up costing you in taxes.

Remaining Involved

Politics isn’t just about voting once a year, in November, and then forgetting about whats going on in your community the rest of the year. Be involved in the changes that you want to see in your neighborhoods, cities, counties, or states. Hold both yourself and your elected officials accountable for the promises made while campaigning. Remember, the system doesn’t work without the public, meaning it doesn’t work without you!

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