Why A Garden For The Kids

Posted on December 31st, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Starting a little garden with our children may cost us a bit of money, but it will pay for itself in a number of ways. A garden promotes health, thrift and self reliance.

Good Eating Habits

Our parents rarely bought us junk food, but we were never low on snacks. We didn’t even have to go inside if we wanted to munch on something. We would just raid the garden. We would use the garden hose to wash off our plunder and we were ready to eat. ¬†This ¬†taught us to use healthy vegetables as a snack and saved my parents the cost of over priced kids snacks.

Work Ethic

Our parents weren’t the only one that kept the garden. We learned to pull weeds and recognize different plants. It gave us time as a family together. It also taught us delayed gratification and that we must work for a harvest. Best of all it taught us that sometimes there is a bounty and sometimes there isn’t, but that doesn’t mean we quit working.

How Things Grow

We spent a great deal of time outside when we had a garden. It taught us to appreciate nature and to take care of that bit of land we were entrusted with. We were way ahead of our classmates when it came time to learn about the seasons and what makes plants grow. We also ended up getting more exercise as a result to our gardening.


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