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We know that the highest valued coupons are usually in the weekly newspaper. But, did you know there are many other resources that offer completely FREE coupons? Check these out:


Your local grocery stores are great places to find coupons. Start looking the moment you enter the door. Coupon booklets can be found where you pick up the ads at the front. Check out the customer service desk to see if they have some hidden behind the desk. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

As you’re walking throughout the store, keep an eye out for tearpads on the shelves, coupons taped to products you’re purchasing or peelies stuck to those products, and stacks of coupons on display tables.  Also, check out the bottle necks for hang tags.  They can be found on all sorts of bottles-wine bottles, soda bottles, detergents, cooking oils, and more. If you’re buying the product anyway, make sure you grab the coupon to use at checkout.


Fire up those printers. There are numerous places online to print coupons. From sites like coupons.com to the product manufacturer’s websites, they are all over the internet. I have been printing for years and have saved hundreds just by printing free coupons.


Have a favorite product? Head to the product’s website and find the “contact us” area. Send them an email letting them know how much you love their product and if they have any coupons available for you to print. Or, ask to have coupons mailed to your home address to save on ink.


Many stores offer mobile coupons. The first one that comes to mind is Target. Sign up on their website to receive coupons via text. But don’t stop there. Check out all of your favorite stores and companies to see if they have coupons.

Do you have other GO-TO places for FREE COUPONS?


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