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Posted on October 12th, 2011 by Coupon Cathy

I’m thankful for all the websites, like ThriftyDivas.com, which help me find coupons and match ups so that I could make the most of our money for our family. However, I don’t simply rely on these resources to help me get the very best deals. I’m always on the look out for coupons and deals. Obviously, Sunday’s paper is full of coupons. But, there are many more places to find coupons. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as you shop for the very best deals.

Electronic Coupons

I like my coupons in hand, but I like them even more when I don’t have to carry them around. I load up my store cards with electronic coupons through SavingStar.com. I also get mobile coupons from Target.com. It makes couponing just a little bit easier. (Just make sure they scan at the register!)


Sometimes products have coupons glued on to the outside of the package for instant savings. Of course, those are a great find it’s already on sale or if you have a store coupon (or both—score!). If my daughter is going to have cereal, I prefer she eat organic cereal. But, that’s expensive. So, I’ve always got an eye out for Cascadian Farms deals and coupons. Periodically, their boxes will have a little peeler from the manufacturer for $1/2 boxes. That combined with a store discount, plus a store coupon and we are talking…and eating some good cereal!

Inside the Product

Don’t throw away the box without double checking to make sure there’s not a coupon in there. I’ve noticed coupons in so many items: diaper packages–sometimes they are glued to the inside of the package (Huggies does that), beauty products and nursing pads, just to name a few.

Store Shelves

As you go through your shopping list, be sure to be aware of any changes to the store shelves and product displays. We are a dark chocolate loving household. So, even though chocolate doesn’t make it on my shopping list much, I always take a peek to see if there’s a deal I can’t pass up. Recently at my local grocery store, the Black & Green Organic chocolate was on sale for $2 each (regular price $3.99). They had a manufacturer’s coupon sitting on the shelf for $1/1 bar. So, I walked away spending $1 on this amazing (normally much more expensive) chocolate! Needless to say, I picked up quite a few 🙂


I used to automatically trash the coupon mailers that I received in the mail because they seemed full of advertisements for items I could not use. But, I check everything now. Once in a while, those mailers have some good stuff. I once got a free cafe mocha from McDonalds (with no purchase necessary) from one of those coupons.

Store Websites

Sometimes your favorite stores have printable coupons on their site. Target has both printable coupons on their site and mobile coupons that are sent to your phone. I got some free Oil of Olay cleanser last week thanks to stacking a mobile coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon. Whole Foods also has store coupons that can be stacked. I once saved more than 60% on a shopping trip to Whole Foods thanks to stacking manufacturer’s and store coupons.

Manufacturer’s Websites

Manufacturer’s will periodically offer coupons online (or send them to you by mail if you’re on a mailing list). Also, more and more companies are offering samples and coupons when you “Like” their Facebook pages.


Where do YOU find coupons? Have I missed another spot where I should be looking?

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