Where Should The Money Go?

Posted on August 26th, 2014 by Discount Debbie


Do you know where your money goes? I would assume that since you are a frequenter of this site the answer is a resounding yes. You do your budgeting and track your money. You look for ways to save money and even make more when you need to.  However, most of us don’t know how much of our money should go to various expenses. I learned from this free course (  https://class.coursera.org/uffinancialplanning-001 ) where my money should be going.

The 10% Club

There are a five different categories in our spending that shouldn’t be more than one tenth of our income. Our first tenth should be put into savings. Second, we should put a tenth aside  in case of emergency. The third tenth should be used for recreation or education. The next tenth is used on gifts and contributions. This includes tithes, charity, and birthday gifts (If you’re a believer in a full 10% tithe, you’ll need to put birthday and Christmas gifts in another category). The last tenth is to cover our various insurances.

Under 10%

Surprisingly to me medical was in this category. This isn’t a part of insurance. This is what may be needed for a co-pay or to pay for a prescription. Medical expenses shouldn’t take more that .07 of your income. Next is personal items such as hygiene products or getting your nails done. These items can be expensive, but try to keep their cost under five percent. Another category that falls under five percent of your income is clothing. Luckily for us, thrifty divas know how to find a good deal on clothes.

Big Spenders

The one thing that should take up a third to half of our expenses is our home. This includes mortgage, upkeep, and repair. Following this is our car which we should invest about seventeen percent into. This covers our fuel, repair, and upkeep. If you do not own a car this is how much you should be limiting yourself to in the cost of public transportation. Last, but definitely not least, is our food budget, which should be about one fifteenth of our income.



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