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Posted on January 28th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

financial help

We all could use a little help every now and then when it comes to finances. Often we are a little intimidated by those who would help us. I don’t mean friends or family. I mean the companies we owe or establishments set up to help in these times of financial difficulty.


Don’t go to a payday loan or title loan establishment. These places add huge amounts of interest and even if you can pay them off you’re going to lose a substantial chunk of your paycheck. If you can’t pay on time you will add late fees, delayed payment for extra interest, or delayed fines.

Do go to an established bank for a loan with usually low and fixed interest depending on your credit history. You can work with a loan officer who will let you know what the lowest payment you can make on that loan is. They can also help you best spend that loan. Talk to them about consolidation of debt and other financial worries.

Late Payments

The last thing that you want to do is avoid your creditors. Don’t hang up on bill collectors. Don’t lie to them and say that the payment is in the mail when it isn’t. Many of these people are here to actually help you find a way to make a payment that is both comfortable to you and them. Give them a chance to help.

When you are aware that you are not going to be able to make a payment on a bill, call the company to let them know. Many companies are willing to work with you to get their money. They may accept a partial payment or waive late fees if you can pay at a later time.


When you know that you may need a little help, don’t hold out until you are in financial trouble. Most government agencies are not known for their organization or promptness. That’s just another reason to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. When you no longer need the assistance be just as quick about letting it go. You wouldn’t want to owe the government extra by not doing so.

Also consider asking your community religious facilities what resources they have to offer. Some offer free babysitting for job interviews, free parenting classes, or child activities. Others have a charity pantry or run thrift stores. Often their doors are open to those in need regardless of belief.

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