When You Can’t Take Time Off Work

Posted on January 24th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

We have all been there. We have errands we need to run, post office trips, or appointments with doctors, realtors, and the bank. All during office hours. Best of all we can’t take time off from work to deal with these little joys that keep popping up. So what do we do?

Phone Calls

I have found that a good deal of what needs to be done with the bank can be done over the phone. Most the time I can bring a salad to work for lunch, stay at my desk, and eat while I’m on hold. It save me travel time, the worry I won’t be back at work on time, and gas money. I also take advantage of internet services my bank provides. This includes online banking, direct deposit, and researching bank products that may be of use to me before signing up.

A Friend

Most people are willing to help their friends out in a pinch. I could send a friend to pick up dry cleaning or pick up a healthy meal from the store. This technique has a few reminders though. I need to make sure I express the right amount of gratitude. I also need to make sure I return the favor. Last, unless I have a system worked out with my friend, I need to make sure that I don’t over use them.

Less Time

Sometimes taking time off can’t be avoided. In these cases it’s best to take the least amount of time off as possible. Take the last appointment of the day or (heaven help us) use lunch time to get errands done. Doing these little things means if we are late getting back to work, or early leaving, at least it was limited.

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