When Is It Time To Leave A Job

Posted on April 4th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

There are times when a job change must occur, but for most of us, that isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Sometimes we don’t even know if we should stay or go. It can be more stressful than a break up. Can our finances hold up against a job change? Are there critical reasons we would need to stay? ¬†Here are a few reasons to leave a job.

A Better Job

It’s not bad to be looking at other opportunities when employed somewhere, but that doesn’t mean that job hopping every six months is a good idea. Weigh the pros and cons of each job opportunity. Better health care or paid vacation can be some good reasons for switching jobs. So can living closer to the job or the job being closer to where you want to live. Or you may just be interested in having higher pay.

The down side of a new job could be waiting until benefits kick in or moving. Perhaps there would be less pay and a lifestyle downsize. Only you and your family know what stituation is best for you.

Office Whispers

Most people know something is changing at work by the whispering. Perhaps corporate managers have come in often. Co-workers start talking about conversations they have heard. They may even warn you that your name has come up. Every work place has a good amount of  gossip, but it is always best to have a plan for being fired or laid off. How much do you have saved? How long will it cover your home expenses? Could you take a part time job while looking for a job in your field? These are important questions to ask before problems arise.

A Self Respect Change

This is more than just not liking your boss. A self respect change of job comes for unforeseen reasons. For example, if you are asked to do something unethical it may be that you need to leave your job when declining. Another reason to leave a job is unreasonable expectations. Perhaps you haven’t had a weekend off in two months, or are expected to work late more and more. It may even be that you are put through a guilt trip every time you try to get yourself or a family member to a doctor appointment. Sometimes it’s better to find employment where you are respected.

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