What’s on Sale in January

Posted on January 16th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

This month is great for sales. A lot of retailers take advantage of the new year to market new items. When they have new items, they have to mark down the previous year’s items to make room for all the new merchandise. Here are some things to look out for.

1. Cars. If you are even remotely thinking of a brand new car, it’s best to buy from the prior year. Cars automatically go down in price on January 1st.

2. Winter coats. Stores are getting rid of these left and right. I was at JCPenny a couple of days ago and they had jackets on sale for $30! The closer we get to spring the more it’s going to go down.

3. Houses. I know crazy huh? But winter is a great time to buy a house. Houses listedĀ for saleĀ in the winter don’t get as many showings so it’s more likely that lower offers will be accepted. My parents actually have been shopping for a home since the beginning of the summer. Pricing was much higher during the summer and they recently put an offer on a house that was much lower than the asking price and it was accepted! It’s definitely worth a try.

4. Electronics. Retailers have been trying to wow you since Thanksgiving with their electronics. But now all that extra stock is sitting around and they need to get rid of them. Check out the prices and don’t be shy about asking for the display model. You can usually get a couple hundred dollars off the floor model.

5. Boats and motorcycles. It’s cold and people aren’t buying them. This means retailers are more motivated to sell them. During the summer demand is higher and so are the prices.

What are you buying in January?

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