What’s My Motivation?

Posted on February 6th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Without motivation, you aren’t going to do what you are doing very long. The same thing goes for couponing. There has to be something that drives you to clip those papers religiously or check out every store for their sales and then get a plan of attack.

What motivates you to coupon? We talked about why you should last week, but what’s your motivation?

One word motivates me and it FREE. I know that most of what I buy isn’t free, but so much of it is! There are coupons out there that can get me free stuff, why would I not be motivated to get it?

The thrill of the hunt definitely motivates me. I love having a 35% off coupon at Kohls right after Christmas or Thanksgiving. Everything is on sale already and if I use my Kohls card, I am going to get another 15% off. Then I hit the racks at 75% off. Are you trekking with me? See where I am going? I head to the check out with my originally priced Vera Wang sweater for $79.99, but was on sale for $29.99. The cashier rings it through, then she takes my 35% off coupon then another 15% off because I am going to use my Kohls card. You know what’s left of my $79.99 sweater?  $16.58! I am getting a $79.99 sweater for $16.58!!! Oh the thrill!

My husband motivates me. I love going to the store and seeing on the receipt how much I save. Then I break down my husband’s salary into what he would be making hourly and the money I saved could be added into that instead of when I spend it being taken away. I love telling my husband that the money he is earning for his family stretched even further because we used coupons.

What motivates you to coupon and save money?

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