What to Consider Before Getting a Pet

Posted on March 2nd, 2015 by Discount Debbie


To get a pet or not get a pet? That is the question many parents want answered. There are surprises, cost, and responsibility. It’s a big decision for you and the pet. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a pet.


If you don’t know if you or a family member are allergic to a certain type of pet, it’s good to find out before you get one. No one wants to get a pet only to discover they need to find a new home for it. It could be cat saliva or dog hair. It could even be bird feathers. If you don’t check for allergies before getting a pet you will end up attached to a furry friend you need to find a home for. Add the fact other family members may be attached to the pet, you have a sad complicated situation.

Energy and Responsibility

A child may be able to handle feeding a lizard or snake once a week, but not walking a dog every day. If you plan on getting a dog and expect your child to walk it, consider the size of of the animal. Will you have a dog your child can walk, or a dog that will walk (or drag) your child? How much time can you or your child invest in play and training of a pet? There are many types of pets that require different levels of commitment. Choose the pet right for your family’s level.

Resource Consumption

Vet bills. Food costs. Pet deposits. Registration fees. All of these fall under the cost of a pet. People who could not afford to feed a Saint Bernard may be able to feed a a Toy Poodle. An apartment complex may require a pet fee for a cat or dog, but may not require one for a turtle or birds. Pure bred animals can often require more vet care than mixed breeds. Then there is the life span of an animal. A fish or bird may last only a few years, but a cat or dog could last twenty. Consider if you can pay for the proper level of care for that length of time.


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