What Not To Do While Waiting For A Job Call Back

Posted on June 2nd, 2015 by Freebie Felicia


One of the most stressful situations is waiting for a job to make a decision about hiring you. You want to know if you have the job. You don’t want to be a pest. You also know how this job could change your life.

You go over in your mind all the things you did and said in the interview and rewrite them knowing you could have done better or wondering how you could have done better. The stress can make us do crazy things. So take a deep breath and calm down. Here are a few things to avoid while waiting.

Call Multiple Times

Calling once is understandable. You want to know if you got the job or missed the call. Just don’t cal twice a day everyday. ┬áCalling once shows initiative. Calling more than twice shows desperation. At the very least you are annoying your new employer. The worst thing that can happen is they were thinking of hiring you, but changed their mind.

Try To Add More Stuff

Unless your potential employer asks for another qualification, don’t go back to add information to buff your profile. This shows that during an important situation (like the job interview) you forgot something or came unprepared. That’s not the image you want to send to you future boss. Instead prepare before the interview and remain cal during the interview. In the case where they ask for a certain piece of paperwork, get it to them as quickly as possible.

Don’t Go Crazy

It’s really easy to lose your mind worrying about if you have the job you applied for or not. Rather than going crazy make sure you have your phone on hand and fully charged. Make sure you have the minutes to receive a call and the ringer turned up. Past that there isn’t much you can do, so try to do something relaxing such as watch a television show or work on the garden.

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