What NOT To Do When You’re Visiting Parents Of Newborns

Posted on July 31st, 2016 by Uncategorized

A mother holding her sleepy newborn baby girl.


Notice that you’re probably thinking I worded the title of this blog wrong. What I should’ve said is “What NOT To Do When You’re Visiting That Adorable Newborn.” Well, there’s a reason that I worded it the way that I did, because ultimately yes, you’re going because you want to see that cute little bundle of joy, but in all actuality, it’s the parents that you’re visiting. They are the ones that have to prepare for your arrival and keep up conversation while you’re there. Now, I’m sure that they are super excited for you to meet their little baby, too, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a stress-free situation for them. They’ll feel obliged to make their home spotless, get dressed up for you, and they’ll probably be a bit concerned about making sure you’re healthy enough to visit. You can make it a lot easier on them by following a few of these simple etiquette tips.

1. First of all, do not go over unannounced. You may think that you’re being cute by surprising them, but I assure you that the sleep-deprived couple will not appreciate you arriving without giving them the chance to clean up a bit and prepare for your arrival.

2. Do not ring the doorbell. And if they have dogs, don’t even knock. Send them a text letting them know you’ve arrived. They will be so grateful if baby is napping.

3. Don’t stay very long. Pay close attention to the parents. If they look overly tired, make the visit short so that they can get some rest.

4. Don’t leave without offering to help around the house. Take out the trash, do a load of dishes, fold some laundry. Even a small task could take a lot off of their shoulders.

5. Don’t comment on the physical appearance of the mother. She knows she looks tired. She knows that she hasn’t showered in two days.

6. Don’t go without a gift. Whether it’s a card with well wishes, a cute outfit for baby, or a casserole, it will be much appreciated by the new parents.

7. Don’t give advice unless it’s asked for. Nothing will irritate an exhausted couple more than your unsolicited advice. If they do ask for tips though, feel free to give some!

8. Don’t pick up the little man or lady without washing your hands.

9. Do not go over if you’re not feeling well. Even a small cough can be really dangerous for the little one.

10. Do not pick up baby without asking first. He may have just been put to sleep, or she may have an extremely underdeveloped immune system, you never know.


Do you have any etiquette tips for people visiting the new little family? If so, please comment them below!

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