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Posted on September 4th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

save money

Have you ever said, “When X happens, then I will begin to save money.” Or, “We don’t make enough money to be able to set anything aside for savings.” Or, have you said any version of those two statements?

Well, I recently read an article by Dave Ramsey, the get-out-of-debt and save-money guru about this subject. He wrote that the reason we don’t save money is that we haven’t made it an emotional priority. He gives the hypothetical example of parents being told that their child will not survive without a $15,000 surgery, which is not covered by insurance. He makes the case that those parents would turn into saving money machines in those months leading up to the surgery.

It got me thinking because we have made the statements at the top of this post. But, recently, because of a concern about a source of income being severely reduced or cut off, things shifted. We did start saving money. The circumstances changed, for the better, thankfully. However, the concern was real and deep enough that our mentality has shifted.

Here are just a few ways we are cutting even more corners than usual in order to set money aside.

1. Eating Out. We don’t do it much as it is. However, we order an occasional pizza. Not now. We’d rather set that $20 aside for a time we may really need it. I can make multiple meals at home with $20!

2. Drinks. We used to buy juice or tea to drink with our meals. Now, I purchase loose tea in bulk and make pitchers of tea for pennies compared to what we were spending on those bottles of juice.

3. Prepackaged Foods. Prepackaged foods cost more. We can make our own baked goods and treats. We can prepare our own vegetables and season our own meats, thank you very much…and save money, in the meanwhile.

4. Meal Portions. This helps with both saving money and watching weight. 😉 I realized that if I cooked more beef or chicken, my husband and I just ate more of it as part of our dinners. But, if I cooked the same amount and divided it in half before serving our dinner, we were very satisfied and still had plenty for the next day. This may be our biggest money-saving trick.


What do you do to save money?

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