What Do I Do With All This Shampoo!?

Posted on June 28th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

One item that I am able to get a ton of with coupons is shampoo. I bet that is the item, other than toothpaste, that I can almost always get for free. At one point I think I had 6 bottles up in my stash. What does someone do with all that shampoo? It would take a while to use it and then you can keep getting it for free. Here are a few “other” uses for Shampoo that you may not know about. We use these tips all the time and they are great!

1. Shaving cream. Yep, shaving cream. Want an extra treat? Try using the conditioner too. Honestly you just need something that suds and it works just as well as shaving cream. Conditioner is really good because it conditions yours skin. Try it and feel the difference.

2. Body wash. Yep, if you can make suds, it can make you clean. I do this all the time. You don’t need to ever spend a lot on body wash especially when shampoo is on sale.

3. Sugar scrub. Just add some sugar or even salt and make yourself a body scrub.

4. Use it to mop your floor. I know sounds crazy! But all you need to do is add a cap full to a bucket of water and watch it work wonders on ceramic and linoleum floors.

5. Bubbles!!! Do your kids love bubbles? Mine do and they go through it very quickly. We could literally buy it once a week the way my kids go through it, but now add a cap full of shampoo to water and use that for bubbles. It totally works!



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