Ways to Waste Money

Posted on August 30th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

We talk a lot about saving money here at Thrifty Divas. But what about wasting money? Unfortunately I do it often, what about you? It’s actually pretty easy and you may be wasting money and not even know it! Here are a few ways that people waste money. How many of them do you do?

1. Go grocery shopping hungry. We recently moved and when I was packing up our food I was embarrassed at how much food we had not eaten. It was mostly all bought when we were at the store and hungry. Foods you would probably never consider all the sudden look amazing.

2. Redbox! It only cost around $1 to rent a movie, but they get you when you don’t take it back after 24 hours. I once had a movie out for 2 weeks. What a waste of money!

3. Gambling. If you’ve seen Ocean’s 11, you heard the line, “the house always wins.” Very few people beat the house and win a lot of money gambling. Save your money keep it in your account and not the casinos.

4. Paying bills late. I know sometimes you really just can’t pay them, but if you can and you don’t, those late fees are just wasted money. Pay your bills on time!

5. Gym memberships. Ever signed up for a gym membership, go once and then never again. That’s more wasted money every single month.

What are some other ways to waste money?

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