Valentine’s Day Tips And Ideas On A Budget

Posted on January 15th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Valentine’s Day is now less than a month away. If you haven’t already started, it’s time to start preparing something special for that special someone. Most of us want to show our significant other they mean everything to us. In most relationships, however, spending everything we have to prove it is not ideal. So here are a few ways to say I love you, without letting Cupid shoot a hole in your wallet.

The 12 Days Of Valentines

This is perfect for that person who wants to show their significant other that they were not just an afterthought on the way home from work on February fourteenth. Start giving little gifts to your spouse starting on Groundhog Day. These gifts can be something small. For example, on the first day you could give her a love letter stating your intent to make the next twelve days special with a gift. The next day you could bring them a favorite candy bar. The third day your gift could be a love letter, and so on. Your gifts can also be much hated chores that you offer to do without complaint. Make the fourteenth extra special by making a special dinner or having a movie night. Your Valentine’s Day plans in will be magnified by the effort you have made for the past two weeks.

Blow Up Their Mailbox

This is a fun way to show you care without spending a dime. Collect articles on good relationships and pictures of hearts, candles, kittens, flowers, and all things cute and save them to your computer. On the fourteenth post the pictures to their Facebook wall. In the chat box send them article links with a note about what you both succeed in doing in these articles. If you want to go the extra mile get a account. Send them every free digital card you can to their email. One small word of advise, however. Only use this idea if you are already in a well established relationship.


Their are plenty of acceptable gifts made by your own hands, like a blanket or a new leather knife sheath. You may want to take a wedding picture as a model for a painting or sculpt a mug or vase for your special someone. The key is to start now in your endeavor. You don’t want to give your special someone your first burnt batch of caramel or sculpting attempt.






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