Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Posted on February 8th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Valentines Day isn’t one of those days that you can use the candy you bought on clearance last year and give it to your loved one. However, I bet my husband has thought about it 🙂

The day of love doesn’t have to break your budget though. It doesn’t cost a lot to say I love you. Here are a few ideas for Valentines Day on a budget. If you need to pass this on to a husband or wife, there is a share button on this page 🙂

1. Skip the delivery flowers.

The markup on fresh flowers from a florist is around 4x. Now, I am not saying skip flowers all together. If my husband is reading this, I AM NOT SAYING DON’T GET ME FLOWERS! However it’s much more inexpensive to hit the fresh flower section of your local grocery store and quite honestly they are just as pretty. Costco also has GREAT deals on fresh flowers. What about delivery? I admit that I LOVE having my doorbell ring on Valentines Day and being greeted by a beautiful arrangement. But if you are trying to save money, ask a friend to deliver it for you. Be careful though on buying from local stores, they will sell out quickly.

2. Make dinner at home.

Even if you want a nice fancy meal, you can save tons of money just by making it home yourself. Want something more romantic, go on a picnic.

3. Make a homemade gift.

Valentines Day is more about sentiment than anything else. Sometimes the best gifts come straight from the heart and hand.

4. Watch your wedding video or look at old pictures of when you first started dating.

It doesn’t get more free than this and how sweet is it to reminisce about the past and dream about the future.

5. Make a coupon book.

Put tasks in there that are out of the norm for you. How about, coupon for a free foot massage right after you get off work. And remember it is the day of LOVE, so be as creative as you can 😉

6. Plan your date NOT on Valentines Day.

There is no reason you have to go out on Valentines Day. Sometimes waiting for another day could save you time and money. Love can be celebrated any day.

7. Look for dinner specials around town.

A lot of businesses will do package deals for a complete meal from appetizers to dessert. Just call around and see what your local restaurants have to offer. Check out Groupon and Livingsocial as well for your local deals at restaurants.


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