Two Households In One House – Could You Do It?

Posted on March 21st, 2014 by Discount Debbie

Some families today have figured out that sharing a house with another household would  examtrue exams save money and improve both households involved. This could be one of the best decisions to make financially. It could also be one of the most stressful decisions in spite of how much money could be saved.

Things To Consider

If your two families come together under one roof, would it be possible for you all to get along. Can you examtrue agree on who will do what chores? Are there ground rules in place on how to deal with the other family’s children? Does one family want more children in the long run? Is there enough room in the home for both families to have alone family time at the same time? It’s important to know the allergies of all those living under one roof, whether regarding pets or perfume. Another question to ask, what parts of the home are shared and which are off limits to the other family? Also consider how long you expect this arrangement to continue. An apartment can be a short term time investment of six months to a year. Buying a house however would be a longer commitment.


The  two couples could afford a better home. They can live in a better neighborhood whether it is in an apartment complex or house. Homes could come with perks that without both couples’ incomes they would not be able to afford. These perks could include a two car garage, a fenced back yard, or even something as simple as more room to live. Not only that, the expenses of the house or apartment including bills utilities or getting a new washer and dryer can also be a shared expense. This means that both families can invest in a better quality of living.


Once committed to this course of action, backing out could be extremely expensive. You could lose friends as well as money. All household decisions from cleaning and cooking to whether or not to get a pet has to involve all of the adults in residence. One family may look at an enclosed porch and see a great place to put a patio table and furniture. The other family may look at the same enclosed porch and think it’s a great place for a container garden. Ideas regarding the use of space will need to be compromised between both families.

During tough times, would you consider doing this?

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