TV Shows That Are Financially Realistic

Posted on March 27th, 2014 by Discount Debbie

I may not have consumer debt, but sometimes I have consumer guilt. It’s that feeling that I should have more than I do. I have a career, a family, and I’m at an age where I should have accumulated nicer stuff. But I haven’t. Yet I sit down in front of the evening television shows and feel bad. I don’t see a group of people I can relate to. Sometimes I see a group of people who are worse off than I am financially, yet have an amazing home, new car, and name brand clothes. It’s enough to make some people go into debt to compete with an imaginary family. What am I doing so wrong that I am so far behind? Oh yes! I’m not going into debt for clothes, new cars, and a home I know I can’t afford. Not all television shows are like this though. There are a few that can and do come across financially realistic.

How I Met Your Mother

If you are single and feel a need to relate to a television group, try How I Met Your Mother. People lose jobs, lose apartments, and have horrible apartments. Characters have financial flaws such as credit card debt and live with the consequences of those decisions. ¬†One of the character even has a beat up car with a tape stuck in the tape deck. There are career changes, moves, and family problems. There are even business ventures that just don’t work out. You may find the plot funny and sometimes bizarre, but you won’t feel behind financially because they have the same financial issues that we sometimes do.

The Middle

I love this show when I feel like I’m just not getting anywhere financially. This is a family with three kids. The power is out. They buy items on sale. Laundry is all over the house. There were even instant mashed potato flakes at thanksgiving dinner. Not only that, but they are putting a child through college, have used the fun money for living expenses, and had to drive the church van as a family car for a while. Yet these people are happy and live an everyday life. This doesn’t make me feel consumer guilt at all.


This is a show about siblings that went on very different walks in life. One sister starts the show moving in with her parents with her two teenage children, works in a bar, and feels bad because of her life choices and how they are affecting her children. The younger brother lives on a house boat. Once again real life problems when it comes to finances, from job loss to biting off more than one can chew financially. Even the nice homes come with an emotional price. I would recommend this show as well.


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