Traveling On A Budget

Posted on December 5th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

We love to travel, but it can sometimes be expensive to travel, and still have fun. Here are a few ways to save a little money while roaming far from home.


The smaller the souvenir the better. Our family has started a magnet collection of all the places that we visit. It’s a great but inexpensive way to keep track of our journeys. Another fun idea is to keep a postcard collection. They fit well in a photo album or scrapbook.


We do a good deal of road traveling. We go to grocery stores to get our meals rather than fast food places. We have fresh fruit or vegetables and things needed for making sandwiches. This means we save money on food, we don’t always ┬áhave to stop to eat and we eat healthier.


There are many good ways to save money on lodging. One is to visit people that I would visit anyway during a trip, and spending one night with them. It’s long enough to visit, but short enough not to overstay my welcome. Another way to save money is to go camping. KOA is a great place to camp or, in some places, rent a cabin. We make reservations and often get good deals when we have a membership.

Travel When Your Traveling

A great way to have a vacation is to travel when we would be traveling for business or to move anyway. Sometimes we even get paid to travel. We still stop off to see the sights and get a few souvenirs. We use the pool and other services the hotel has to offer. It may cost a little more to have our family come with us, but it’s still less expensive than it might have been.


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