Tips For Thrifty Organic Shopping

Posted on March 7th, 2012 by Coupon Cathy

I used to think that being frugal and eating healthy were mutually exclusive lifestyles. After all, have you noticed the difference between organic and conventionally grown produce? However, over the years my husband and I both have read and seen enough that we feel committed to eating as organically as is possible. At the same time, we live on a fairly tight budget. So, I thought I’d offer just a few tips on merging frugality and healthy living.

First Things First

Part of the way our family is able to eat organically is by placing a priority on our food. We make cuts in a lot of other areas in order to be able to spend money on all natural and/or organic foods. So, I do not do very much shopping–at this point–for clothes or shoes, etc. My husband has a basic wardrobe that works for his job. Our children have plenty of toys and clothes (many of which are hand-me-downs in great condition and gifts from family).


Rarely will you find a coupon for produce. However, produce goes on sale seasonally. So, shop seasonally! I buy apples when they are on sale and pears when they are on sale. I check to see whether the spinach is less expensive than the kale on any given week.


I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for beef, chicken or turkey. We buy organic ground beef regularly. However, we know that our store marks down the price of meats the day before the “sell by” date. As such, we can buy organic beef and organic or all-natural chicken for half (sometimes even less than half) the price!


We buy all our oatmeal, rice and even popcorn kernels from the bulk section at our local grocery store. They carry both conventional and organic options. It’s another way to make it more reasonable to eat organically. By the way, every few months, our store has a 20% off everything in the bulk section. So, it’s always an opportunity to stock up.


What are some of the ways you save on buying all natural or organic for your family?

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