Tips for Decorating your Christmas Tree on a Tight Budget

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Handmade christmas tree decorations

Christmas is my favorite holiday by a long shot and I absolutely love getting my tree decorated and lit up. There is just something so magical about a sparkly tree all set up in the living room, shining bright and filling the whole room with happiness. Sorry, I just got super cheesy there, but I can’t help it. Christmas trees are just my favorite, so as soon as the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes are put away I start dragging my Christmas tree out of storage. Sometimes I’m tired enough from a day of cooking and socializing that I wait until the next night to unearth it from my storage room, and sometimes I’m motivated enough to get it all set out that night. Maybe not fully decorated, but at least piled up in the corner so that I can start feeling that Christmas Spirit emulate through the house.

I have to say, I have never had the oodles of money required to buy all of the fancy glass ornaments or the yards and yards of silky ribbon that make other people’s trees look so professional. But even on my tight Christmas decor budget each year, I still manage to make my tree look pretty full and special. Let me share a few tips for how I do it:

1. Buy ornaments after Christmas

As soon as the holiday ends stores drop the prices of their Christmas decorations by a lot.¬†How does 75% off sound? Take advantage of this and stock up for your tree next year by buying your ornaments and other decorations now. You’ll end up scoring great deals on fancy ornaments that you may not normally be able to afford.

2. Buy ornaments at the Dollar Store

I’m always so thrilled with the ornaments the Dollar Store carries each year. You can usually get a set of two really pretty ornaments for a dollar, so I like to grab a bunch.

3. Coupon clip and hunt for sales

This is a no-brainer, but honestly so many sales can go by without you being aware and you can miss out on some great deals! Most people think that once the Christmas season has arrived the decor won’t go on sale, but that’s not true! Lots of stores often have great deals popping up here and there throughout December.


4. Use non-Christmas decor

Usually if an item is Christmas-themed it is priced a lot higher. Instead of getting the red ribbon in the Christmas section, grab some from the craft aisle or try to find a discounted roll in the clearance section. It will work just the same as the holiday brand, but will probably be much cheaper thanks to the ordinary label. Another idea is to find fake flowers and use them to fill in your branches.

Now go on and get to trimming that tree!

And let us know what tips you use to decorate your Christmas tree on a budget in the comments.

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