Tips and Advantages of Buying in Bulk

Posted on October 27th, 2011 by Discount Debbie

There is some money to be saved when you buy in bulk, but only if you are smart about it.
For example, I thought my children would be huge oatmeal eaters so I went to Costco and bought the big huge tub of it only to find out, they hate it. A year and a half later and I still have oatmeal coming out of my ears.

So tip number one, don’t buy it unless you use it often.

When buying in bulk, the cost may be higher, but the cost per unit is much less.

Some items that we buy in bulk when we can’t find a good deal at the grocery store are things like toilet paper, paper towels, meat, butter (I know weird right?) and snacks for the kids. We only buy in bulk what will either keep or stuff we can freeze. We very rarely buy anything like fresh produce because it will go bad before we can use all of it. The best way to waste money it to definitely not use what you bought.

Meat can get really expensive and I mean REALLY expensive. In our family, we like good meat, so our bill can get out of hand. Buying meat in bulk can really save you some money. However, make sure you freeze what isn’t going to get eaten so you don’t lose any. We often will call local meat processing companies and find out if they know of ranchers who sell animals that you can get processed. We’ve done that for two years and ended up spending around $3 per pound on all meat. That’s a pretty good price for ground beef, it’s an outstanding price for ribeye steaks though!

Another great thing about buying in bulk is the choices. Have you been to your groceries section of bulk foods? You can really score on the diversity of stuff there. You will probably see foods you’ve never even tried before. Often times grocery stores will have an entire organic bulk section.

When you walk in the door of your local bulk food warehouse, make sure you ask if they have any coupon books. I know our warehouse sends us coupons ever so often.

Buying in bulk definitely isn’t the cheapest way to shop since so many of us can just use tons of coupons to get next to nothing supplies, but for those just wanting to cut a little expense, buying in bulk is perfect! Plus, I just love going and trying all the samples!

What are some things you buy in bulk?

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