Time to Restart The Christmas Countdown

Posted on January 7th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


Happy New Year! It’s time to start thinking about Christmas again. I know what your thinking. Didn’t we just do that? Yes we did, but do you remember last month? The last minute scramble to get things finished. The debate with your spouse if cinnamon was worth going out for right now. Other than these thoughts I have a few very good reasons to start thinking about Christmas now.

A More Detailed Plan

You can shop or craft the whole year round on a schedule. You have a whole year of sales to work with. If something is out of stock in May you are bound to have found it by December. You can plan what you will be eating, what decorations you need, if you will be traveling and present details on a higher level than starting around the end of October.

More Time

No matter how you plan to gift, there is more time. There is more time to make a plan, craft or save up. Do you fund your Christmas through click site gift cards applied to your Amazon account? There is more time to collect gift cards to stock towards the end of the year. Or you can buy crafting supplies with your gift cards a little at a time through the year.

Christmas Stuff Is Still On Sale

Go by the book section of a Walmart and you will find the books of Christmas past. We went by just yesterday and there they were for much less than they were two weeks ago. The bargain bin is a great place to find Christmas stuff in January. Generic items, like books, decorations, cookie cutters will always be age appropriate for your kids at the end of twelve months.

Less Stress

You aren’t rushing to complete three or four crafting projects at the end of the year. You aren’t stressing about shopping in holiday crowds. You aren’t worried about what will be out of stock or trying to find a substitute for it. The only thing you will really need to do is wrap the gifts, get and cook the food and decorate your home.

 Are you already thinking about next Christmas?


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