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Posted on October 30th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

My family had four weddings in one year. There was one in August, one in Septembe,r and two in December. My parents are wonderful loving people, but there was no way they could take the bills of four weddings at once. Not only that, we, their children, didn’t want them to. So we came up with a few ways (other than starting married life in massive wedding debt) to make our special days fit our budgets.

Something Old

 I got my wedding dress for $40 at a thrift store. It was the design I wanted, the size I needed, and didn’t end up costing me an arm and a leg. Many people also have dresses that are passed down in the family from mother to daughter. If I didn’t like it I would consider having the dress altered to meet my needs or tastes. In addition to the dress is jewelry that is kept in the family. This gives family members a chance to share stories, items, and contribute to the wedding in a non monetary way.

Something New

One of the biggest bridesmaids complaints that I have heard is that they paid for the dress, and that they will never wear it again. Either it isn’t in their taste or they don’t have a function in mind where it would be apropriate. Women have begun to remedy this by giving their bridesmaids a color and then allowing them to pick the dress individually. Another way I have seen it done is the bride picks a dress suitable for every Sunday wear that is $50 or under. Take advantages of sales on dresses to buy one get one free sales on shoes

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Something Borrowed

We have already covered dresses and jewelry, but there are always things that could be borrowed for a wedding. I borrowed my friends’ skills. If one has a gift for party planning I put her in charge of the shower. I suggested refreshments be something simple, like  an ice cream bar. Then I suggested each person could bring a topping. It reduces the cost for her and ensures it’s not a burden for everyone else. Or perhaps my friend is an amazing decorator. I asked for her help decorating the reception and count it as a gift. If my friend is handy with a make up brush and blow dryer, I asked her to be part of my special day by ensuring I look my best. This reduces my costs, and helps build memories with my friends.

Something Blue?

Be prepared for things to not go quite as planned. People miss flights, sales, and come down with the flu. Colors may not look in real life the way they did in my head. The important thing on this day is not so much the decor as it is I’m joining my life with someone I love.

Have fun and congratulations!


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