Thrifty Wedding Gifts That Are Rich With Meaning

Posted on July 17th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Wedding photography is my day job. I shoot weddings almost every weekend from May until October. One of the things I pay a lot of attention to is the gift table. Couples always want pictures of their gift tables so I’ve seen a lot of gifts. And the ones that always impress me aren’t the big $500 KitchenAid mixers. It’s the thought out gifts. It’s the ones that had more meaning to them than the ones on the registry. They are also typically cheaper. Here’s my list of Thrifty, yet meaningful wedding gifts.

1. Anything with their last name on it. Couples LOVE this. Especially brides who are so excited for their new last name. Paint it on a board, stitch it on a pillow, do whatever, but use their name. They will LOVE it!

2. Care packages. I used to see these more often and I wish I still did. But I used to see people buy a simple plastic laundry basket and fill it up with hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap etc. They didn’t wrap it or anything. They just brought it like that. These are things that the bride and groom tend to forget when putting together their new home. These things are very inexpensive and can be made even cheaper if you home make them.

3. Box of recipes. Grab a little box or recipe holder and just give the couple all of your favorite recipes.

4. Make them art. This only applies if you are artistic which I’m not, but one of our favorite gifts probably cost $5. Our friend who is an incredible artist took one of our engagement pictures and hand drew it and framed it. We still have it hanging on our walls. How thoughtful and Thrifty!

5. Board games. I went to a wedding once where the bride and groom had everything they needed for their home already. So they just asked everyone to bring a board game. These things aren’t to be neglected and at Christmas places like Target and Wal-Mart have great deals on board games. Usually you can get popular ones for around $10.

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