Thrifty Wedding Gift Ideas

Posted on June 27th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Summer is wedding season! When I am not sharing Thrifty Diva ideas with you, I am photographing beautiful brides and handsome grooms. I love it! The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. People invest a lot on that big day and gifts are about the only thing they don’t have to pay for. The last gift registry I printed out about 2 weeks ago had about $3-thousand dollars worth of items on it. Some were pretty hefty too! If you are on a budget you may not be able to afford much, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them something just as special.

Here are some ideas for Thrifty wedding gifts that I have seen over the years that are my favorites.

1. Starter care package. I love this idea. Just get a laundry basket and fill it up with home essentials like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, scrubby pads, etc. It’s great for newlyweds! Usually they aren’t thinking about things like that when they register so it’s nice if they have it as a gift. It’s one of those “oh that’s so great we have that” gifts.

2. Paint/draw them a picture from their engagement or other picture of themselves. Ok this may sound crazy, but to this day it’s one of my top wedding presents we got. You definitely have to be artistic to do this, but if you are this the so awesome! A friend of ours took one of our engagement pictures and drew it on art paper and framed it. It’s beautiful and it’s so special to me. It cost her about $10 for a frame and it’s simply amazing.

3. Recipes. I wish someone had done this for me when I got married. I am definitely not complaining, we got a lot of stuff, but I love recipes! Make your newlyweds a book of your favorite recipes. They will LOVE it. Especially if you include some special ones that were passed on through your family.

Do you have any unique gifts you’ve given you can share with us?


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