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Posted on June 26th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Part of the fun of vacations is souvenirs. Growing up, I LOVED souvenirs. I don’t know if they are still around, but I would always make my parents stop at every Stuckey’s I saw. It’s not much more than a gas station, but they always had the best souvenir shop in everyone. I would see the sign a mile away and we would always stop. There were always toys for me to play with too! We traveled a lot when I was a kid so souvenirs were a big deal and I quickly learned how not to spend a lot of money, but still get something to remember your trip.

These are some ideas my parents did with me and are still special to this day.

1. Start a state spoon collection. A lot of people do this and it’s great! For every state you visit, make it a point to get a spoon with that state on it. I ended up with all 48 states that I traveled to. Just need two more to go and I’ll be complete. Usually they were about $2.99 and sometimes it was a hunt to¬† find them. But the hunt made it more fun!

2. Playing cards. This became kind of an obsession for me. I used to play cards quite often with friends and it was so much more fun to play with cards from different places. I have been able to travel overseas quite a bit and everyone sells cards. I loved playing back at home and remembering what I had seen and being able to tell stories to my friends. And cards are CHEAP!

3. Postcards. Who doesn’t LOVE getting a postcard from when you are on the road. Most postcards cost less than a $1 and then just postage. It’s the ultimate souvenir!

4. Golf balls. My husband wants me to write this, because I don’t play golf, but he says his parents always bought them wherever they went. He says they are cheap and you can display them at home on a shelf. I’ll have to take his word on the golf ball idea, but I have seen his parents collection and it’s quite impressive.

Did you have any family souvenir traditions?


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