Thrifty Trends That I Wish Would Catch On

Posted on January 12th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

thrifty trends

There are things we all do because society dictates we should. It doesn’t matter if it is a standing tradition or a fashion trend. They aren’t fun for all of us, make us feel self conscious and cost money. Here are a few fashion trends I’d throw out the window if I could.

The Shaved Head For Women

I know that there a many women that can cut their own hair. I am not one of those women (but I am envious). My best hairstyle is the buzz cut, and I wish that this cut was appropriate for me in a professional setting. I wouldn’t have to worry about brushes, styling products, and my shampoo and conditioner costs would go way down. It’s a cut I could do myself and not need to spend a dime on.

Short Stubby Nails

No strengthening serums, or nail wraps or polishes. I wouldn’t need anything but a set of nail clippers and a nail file. I wouldn’t need to worry about polish or nails chipping and breaking. I wouldn’t have to worry about if the polish is toxic to my little ones. I wouldn’t even need to worry about if I have clothes that match that polish color.


I know that high heels would give me a more slender profile because I am standing on my tippy toes. But I am standing on my tippy toes, and no matter what type of insert I use in my shoes it’s just not normal. Besides the money I would save on shoes and inserts, there are the medical bills to consider. High heels really aren’t all that great for the health of your feet. They shorten your tendons if worn too often and twist your toes into unnatural shapes.

What fashion trends would you throw out of your life?


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