Thrifty Travel Tip: Pack Your Snacks

Posted on July 26th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Our family is on vacation right now. As wonderful as it is, it required that we spend most of the day yesterday traveling. With a four year old and and a two year old, I had one thing in mind: how to entertain, feed and occupy them for that entire time. In addition to the books, crayons and paper and a portable DVD player that we took with us, I decided we were not going to eat the junk in the airports or spend the ridiculous amount of money on that junk in airports. That said, I put a few snacks together for the flight…and, it worked.

First, I opted for fruit that would be easy, quick and not messy. Apples, bananas and grapes! They were a hit…and, they shared with children they met at the airport! 🙂

Then, I had an almond butter and blueberry preserves sandwich, sliced into “sticks.” Another easy, not too messy, success!

I brought some healthy muffins we make at home all the time. They were a little crumbly; but, that was a small price to pay. Very small.

Last, I brought some homemade dark chocolate covered almonds. I have to admit this treat was not just for the children 😉

Overall, we had a pretty smooth travel day. The snacks aren’t the reason the trip went as well as it did, but they helped!


What snacks do you pack to save money and eat healthy while you travel?

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