Thrifty Tips from a Cleaning Lady

Posted on March 8th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

A close friend of mine has a cleaning business. I thought it would be great to ask her for the best tips. If hiring a cleaning person isn’t in your budget or you want to save that money, here are some tips from a pro! Thanks Miss Pretty Picky!

1. Showers – Best tip EVER! For showers and anything gross looking use half dawn dish soap/ half vinegar. WORKS a MIRACLE!!!

2. Top to Bottom – Start from the ceiling down so that you aren’t double cleaning.

3. Tough But Worth It – Once a month clean floors by hand. You will be amazed how dirty they are even if you mop once a week.

4. Baseboards – To save time cleaning baseboards clean them while you are cleaning the floor by hand.

5. DIY – Make laundry detergent/ hand soap from scratch. There are recipes all over the web. (Find our Thrifty Diva recipe HERE for laundry soap.)

6. Vinegar (if you can stand the smell) is the best cleaner in the world.

7. Microwave – Clean the microwave by putting vinegar in a bowl, heat it up, and then just wipe the microwave clean with a damp cloth. Vinegar will loosen everything that is stuck.

8. Drains – Clean your drains once a month by putting baking soda down there then dumping vinegar down it. Let stand for about 1 hour. Heat a huge pan of water then dump it down there when it is boiling.

9. Vacuum Works Best – Skip the broom. Use the vacuum.

10.  Carpet Stains – To get stains out of carpet uses dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

What are your thrifty cleaning tips?

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