Thrifty Tip: Make Your Own Bubble Solution

Posted on September 14th, 2012 by Discount Debbie


How is it that no matter your age, blowing bubbles just doesn’t get old?!

Well, recently my daughter received one of those bottles of bubble fun as a gift and we got hooked–all over again! The one thing that bothered me most was the smell of the stuff! It smelled like Febreeze! We still used it to play outside. But, every time I took that little bottle out, I told myself (and my family) that I HAD to find out how to make our own so that I could get rid of what we had…and, thanks to the vast resources available on the internet, I did it!

I needed a “recipe” that didn’t require me to go buy anything. We were just playing around and I wanted to make it happen quickly without any big production. Many of the recipes I found required two things I didn’t have: glycerin and corn syrup. Seriously, how many people have glycerin sitting on a shelf somewhere in their home? I could be wrong. What matters is that I don’t. And, we do not buy corn syrup. Uh, we will save the explanation for that in a post on The Bad News About Corn Syrup 😉

That said, I finally found one that worked for us!

1/2 cup of Eco-friendly dish detergent (if your detergent is concentrate cut the amount in half)
5 cups of soft water or distilled water
2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin or light corn syrup or honey (*corn syrup or honey can attract bees and wasps)

I just used our dish detergent, which isn’t eco-friendly right now. It’s just Palmolive. And, I used water. I cut this recipe in half because I simply didn’t need so much of this stuff. Quite honestly, after making it, I realized I should have quartered the recipe.

In any case, it worked! We have bubbles without the Febreeze smell. Here’s on tip though. After mixing it all up, let it sit for a while. I thought shaking it would help make the bubbles. But, it didn’t take long to realize that I was wrong about that. Mix it or shake it. Then, let it sit. When it’s time to blow the bubbles, don’t shake or mix anymore, just blow bubbles! And, have fun! 🙂

Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles, especially when you can know exactly what’s in it?

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