Thrifty Tip: Make Your Children’s Birthday Cake

Posted on February 27th, 2013 by Discount Debbie



My baby girl turned 4 years old last week! Four! Boy, time really does fly. If you have a child at about the same age (or remember what your children were like at that age), then you know that their imaginations are blossoming at this time. So, every couple of weeks, my daughter would choose a character (based on a book we’ve read or a show or movie we’ve seen) and declare that she IS that character. The list is extensive: Angelina Ballerina, Lightning McQueen, Rory the Racing Car, Cinderella, Snow White…you get the picture. I say that to say that I thought we had already decided months ago that I would make her an Angelina Ballerina birthday cake. I was wrong.

When the time came to actually make her cake, she was no longer in her Angelina phase. She was now Cinderella. I got a little nervous about that because it seemed much more complicated to make a princess cake than it did to make an Angelina cake. On top of that, when we looked at examples online, she like the doll cakes, and not any of the flat cakes. The best compromise I could get was that our princess cake could be pink, rather than Cinderella blue.

The reason I needed it to be pink and not blue is because I don’t use artificial food coloring. And, I couldn’t think of the right food or combinations to make blue. But, I knew we had strawberries and they would easily make pink frosting.

So, I did it.

First I bought a Wilton cake pan to make the dress/skirt part of the cake. I had a Hobby Lobby coupon. So, I paid about $13 for it.

Then, I baked the cake. I actually didn’t fill the cake pan all the way because I wanted to layer it. So, I baked some of the cake in the Wilton bowl/pan and then two other small layers. Incidentally, I made a chocolate paleo cake, made with coconut flour, cocoa, coconut oil, eggs (lots) and honey. Delicious and healthy!

Next, I made the pink frosting. I cooked a few frozen strawberries in a little bit of water and thought that using the liquid could be enough. Instead I ended up pureeing the strawberries and mixing them into the butter and powdered sugar mix I had prepared as frosting.

Putting it all together was the most fun. It may not look as fancy as the one on the box. But, everybody thought it was beautiful and yummy!

What kind of cakes have you made for your children’s birthdays?

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