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Posted on January 22nd, 2015 by Discount Debbie

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I have been a bulk shopper for a while now. However, most of my “bulk” shopping had meant buying oatmeal, rice, flax, and beans from the bulk bins at my local grocery store. That way, I was getting a better deal and controlling exactly how much I wanted to buy with each purchase. I also purchased larger containers/jars of organic coconut oil and honey online, where I could get better deals. Recently, though, our family took bulk buying to a whole new level.

Bulk section at grocery store: Herbs

I used to buy bulk herbs on occasion when I only needed a little bit or when I couldn’t find a jar of what I wanted. When I started buying organic spices, I bought large bags online or generic store brands. Then, once when one of my favorite generic organic brands was out of bay leaves (in a jar), I bought some from that store’s bulk spices section… and have never gone back. I can pay about $0.60 for what costs $3.99 in a jar! Can you believe that?! That’s crazy savings! I just use put the newly bought spices into my old glass jars. Buy your spices in bulk!


Co-ops have become more popular over the years. Although buying through a co-op doesn’t guarantee savings (know your price points!), you can score if you buy the right stuff. What I look for are items that we already eat with a long shelf life. Here are the categories of items that make it worth being part of a co-op.

Grains. The best deal I can get on organic rolled oats at our local grocery stores is $1.49 per pound. Once in a while, I can get them on sale. But, even then, I can’t get them for the price I can get them with the co-op. If I purchase 25lbs, I can get the oats for $0.90 per pound. Obviously, deals vary from one co-op to another, but you get the idea!

Beans. It’s the same idea with beans. We love black beans and decided to get a 25lb bag of organic black beans at $1.48/lb. That’s unheard of for organic black beans.

Potatoes. How about 20lbs of organic Russet potatoes for $8.00?! Yes, I know! You just can’t get those kinds of deals at your local grocery stores!

Where do you buy your bulk foods?

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