Thrifty Tip: Browse Aisles and Shelves For Unadvertised Sales

Posted on February 8th, 2013 by Discount Debbie


I realize that the title of this post could trigger whatever the modern-day version of “duh” (I realize that dates me). However, I’m not sure if it’s merely the discovery aspect of an unadvertised deal or if unadvertised deals are somehow inherently better deals. Whichever they may be, they are of my favorite kinds of deals to score. And, there’s a corollary to this principle. This applies to all stores, even the ones you may consider “pricey!”

Stores like Walgreens and Target usually have clearance items marked with red tags and placed at the ends of the aisles. However, once in a while, clearance items are left on the shelves. At my local grocery store recently, I found some organic whole bean coffee, which normally sells for $12, marked as clearance for $4. At first I thought that maybe it was old and something was wrong with it. So, I only bought one as a test. It was just fine. So, I went back and stocked up. The price is back up again. I’m sure they were just clearing out stock. It was good timing for us, good pricing for us…and delicious!

I’ve heard some people say that they won’t shop at Whole Foods because it’s just too expensive. I wouldn’t tell anyone to go to any store that’s out of their way to browse aisles and shelves for deals. However, if it is a relatively easy stop for you, it would be worth it. I happened to be browsing the aisles at Whole Foods last week and found the Garden of Life probiotic that we give our children that I normally order online for about $18 (the best price I’ve found anywhere) for $16.99. So, saving a dollar is nice but nothing to write home about. It just so happens that the Whole Foods website has a $5 off coupon for any Garden of Life probiotic. Yep! What they normally sell for$24.99 and what I normally buy for $18, I bought for $11.99 last night. Now, that’s a deal!

What’s the best unadvertised deal you discovered recently?


  1. Susan February 9, 2013

    I agree, it just requires patience and time. That is two things I have when shopping looking for a deal. TJ Maxx had a pair of shoes I had been eyeing for a while marked down to $7.00. The first markdown I saw was $25.00 (not sure of the original cost or the even the first markdown price) My size and my price!

    Thanks for sharing such a deal.

  2. Lores February 12, 2013

    Susan, that’s an awesome deal! Great job!

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