Thrifty Tip: 10 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted on March 20th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

hydrogen peroxide with texr

I love finding practical uses for common, thrifty household items, like hydrogen peroxide. Check out some great household uses for this very thrifty product.

1. Bleach your hair. Whether you want to bleach unsightly hair on your face or give yourself a sun bleached look, hydrogen peroxide is what you’ll need. Spray it on your hair for that new, thrifty hair style and rinse it out after about 10 or 15 minutes.

2. Disinfect your toothbrushes. Just soak your toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide to get rid of any germs or bacteria that may be hanging on, especially after you have been sick.

3. Salon nails. Do you ever notice a little stain on your nails after removing the nail polish or preparing foods like beets or frozen blueberries? I do. Just soak your nails in some hydrogen peroxide to whiten those nails.

4. Salon feet? Do you have corns or calluses? Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and warm water to soften the hard, dry skin and calluses on your feet.

5. Ear infection treatment. Use 6 to 8 drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear to treat (as in eliminate) an ear infection. Who needs antibiotics?

6. Grout cleaning. Mix hydrogen peroxide with white flour to create a thick paste. Cover with plastic wrap and leave it on overnight. In the morning, all you have to do is simply rinse off the mixture with water to find your nice, clean grout.

7. Clean your toilet bowl. Pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into your toilet bowl to remove dirt and stains. Let it sit for at least one half hour before flushing it out.

8. Eliminate mold and mildew. Spray hydrogen peroxide onto mold and mildew both to control it and to remove the discoloration.

9. Clean your carpet. Be careful with this one because hydrogen peroxide can act like bleach. So, this one is only for you if you have lighter colored carpet or rugs. Spray the peroxide onto dirt or food stains on your carpets and rugs.

10. Disinfect sponges and kitchen towels. Soak your sponges, kitchen towels, and dish rags in hydrogen peroxide for 15 to 30 minutes in order to disinfect them.

How do you use hydrogen peroxide?

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