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Posted on March 10th, 2015 by Discount Debbie

Thrift Store

I love thrift shopping. I love it more than shopping for new items. Even in a thrift store there are ways to get the best thrifty deal.

Check All Fastenings

Check to make sure that all clasps are there and aren’t bent out of shape. Are there any missing buttons? Do the zippers work properly? If a button is missing, does the piece of clothing have replacement buttons that you could sew on in place of the missing button? These are often found in the cuffs of a shirt or in a baggie attached to the clothing item if it’s new. Do you have the ability or desire to replace a clasp or zipper? Does the price of the item make it worthwhile to fix? If not, it’s likely you could do without it.


Are there any rips or stains on your potential buy? It’s not fun to get the perfect shirt from a thrift store only to get home and find lipstick on a sleeve or a ripped seam. Check the clothing completely before letting it leave the store. Make sure all seams and linings are secure. Check the front and back of the clothing item. Turn it inside out to see if you will catch something you missed when it was right side out.

Non Clothing Items

For kitchen and bathroom appliances, check cords. Make sure wires are covered. Try to feel for any wiring breaks in the cord. Ask if there it is a place you can plug it in to see how it heats up or works.

About stuffed animals, check for rips and loss of stuffing. Check to make sure both eyes and, in some cases, a nose are intact. Check to see if it is battery operated and if it functions when batteries are in it. You may have to carry a few batteries on you to check. Also consider why a toy may have been discarded. If there is a chance of bed bugs or lice coming home with your new purchase it’s not worth it. Ask if stuffed animals are washed at your local thrift store.

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