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Posted on June 21st, 2012 by Discount Debbie

It’s definitely moving season. Most people would much rather move in summer months than any other month. Since we are Thrifty Divas we move the Thrifty way! Here are some tips to help you save when you move.

1. Don’t buy boxes. It is definitely convenient to just run out and buy some boxes, but they can get super expensive and it’s one expense you don’t have to take on. Go to your local stores and ask for boxes. Search on Craigslist, there are usually people giving them away. Ask your friend on Facebook if they have any. When you do move and if you plan on moving anytime within a few years, break down your boxes and save them!

2. Shop around for your moving truck. Moving yourself? Call all the major companies. You will get a different estimate from all of them. You can even tell them what the best price you got is and see if that particular company can do better. Search for codes online too. My favorite is I have always gotten a percentage off by booking online and using a code. It may just be an extra $15-$30, but every dime helps!

3. Have a garage sale. Only take what you’ll use in your new home. There is no reason to take up the room and move things you aren’t going to use. Moving is an awesome time to downsize your life! Plus garage sales are great for making some money!

4. Move off season. Yes, summer is the most popular time to move, but it’s also more expensive than waiting until say Fall or even Winter. Moving companies are more desperate for customers then so they have cheaper rates.

5. Be creative! You don’t have to buy things like bubble wrap or even track down every newspaper you can to protect your fragile items. Use your towels and kitchen rags. They are awesome for packing and they are free!


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