Thrifty January Challenge!

Posted on January 1st, 2015 by Discount Debbie

January Challenge

December is over and, let’s be honest, we made out like bandits on Christmas day. We have new video games, new books, new music and DVDs. We even have new cooking supplies and crafting material. Let’s not forget the leftovers. We certainly have enough candy and baked goods to make us diabetic by the end of January. We have overbought food and have a freezer full of leftovers. All of this acquisition leads us all to one big question.

How Long Can You Go Without Spending?

Many of us are coming out of a month where we should be able to be content with what we have for the thirty one days of January. Our desires for new things to do or to own have been satisfied. Often, however, that feeling of satisfaction is forgotten in a few days. This challenge is to help us prolong that feeling of satisfaction from what we already have and quench that crazy desire to get even more stuff right this moment.

Could you go for a week without buying anything? Could you go for the entire month? This January we challenge you to find out just how long you can go without buying unneeded items. Don’t buy candy, toys, crock pots or anything else that would have fallen under the Grinch’s “to steal” list.

Instead use up what you have.  Be creative and have fun with this challenge. Try and create new recipes before going to the grocery store. Use up all your yarn in projects using free online patterns. Play with your children and help them appreciate their new and old toys.

You can spend money on bills, rent, mortgage, and paying off debts. Special circumstance items also would not break the challenge. These would include diapers or medical services, such as visiting urgent care or the dentist. A January birthday or anniversary would also qualify as a special circumstance.

Be creative, have fun, and let us know how you do.

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