Thrifty Fertilizer

Posted on June 3rd, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Gardening is in full swing at our house. I LOVE fresh veggies from my own backyard. It’s totally economical and it’s great for you to know exactly what’s going in your body. However a few days ago, my all natural tomatos were looking pretty sad. They needed some extra fertilizer. After a visit to our local gardening store, I decided that for larger gardens there are cheaper options for fertilizer. I talked to my resident gardening expert and good friend and she gave me some awesome Thrifty fertilizer advice.

1. Coffee grounds. Our local Starbucks has free coffee grounds. I don’t know if all do, but it’s worth asking. They are awesome for gardens!

2. Egg shells. Not only do egg shells add some awesome calcium to your plants, they deter pests as well.

3. Epsom salt. Dilute a little in water and spray on your plants. This is especially great for tomatoes!

4. Ashes. Yep, like ashes from a campfire. Ashes contain potassium, calcium and phosphorous. These are all natural fertilizers for your plants.

5. Poop! Yes, I said poop. If you can get your hands on some rabbit poop, it’s amazing according to my gardening expert. Of course other poops are great too, just make sure they are dried. Just stay away from¬†human, cat or dog poo and you’ll be good to go!


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