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Posted on January 29th, 2015 by Discount Debbie


If you want to save money you need to take care of your feet. Many medical problems can be traced back to improper foot care. Lack of healthy feet can lead to leg, hip, and back pain. I can’t even begin to tell you how many medical problems can come of improper care of feet. This doesn’t change the fact that besides a monthly pedicure, most of us ignore their feet. Why?

Why Are Feet Ignored?

Sure, baby feet are adorable. They even smell adorable. We love our nail polish and strappy shoes, but past that feet are gross. They are the body part we stuff in a leather container after covering it in a sock. They sweat and smell funky. When they aren’t in shoes they are on the floor or in the dirt. If you want to annoy your siblings, feet are the go to body part to poke them with.

Feet Need More Effort

Proper foot care is more than giving them a quick rub down in the shower. They need a gentle exfoliant to get dead skin off of them. They need to be moisturized. They could even use a nice little massage while being moisturized. This can help improve their circulation. It’s also important to get the bottoms of your feet, no matter how ticklish you get.

Special Needs

If you have certain conditions, your feet require special care. For example if you have diabetes, your feet need to be cared for by someone properly trained to do so. You may also have other needs for your feet. Powder will help reduce excess moisture when your feet are bundled up. Fungal infections need to be treated.


The type of shoe also helps to improve our foot care. We all know that high heels can damage our feet. So do shoes that don’t fit properly or have a bad sole (I suppose that makes them truly evil shoes). Make sure that you get a proper fit by trying on a shoe and walking up and down between the shoe racks. Pay attention to if they are too loose, too tight, or aren’t giving the bottom of your feet proper support. Shoes also break down in the sole over time. Shoe inserts can help you maintain the foot support you need.



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