Thrifty Divas Guide To Staying Healthy

Posted on August 1st, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

Staying Healthy

We exercise, go to the doctor regularly, and take our vitamins. All this is good, but what other things could we be doing to stay healthy?


Cooking does many things for us. If we choose to eat healthy it gives us a variety. When we learn to cook it gives us a life long valuable skill. One of the most important things cooking does for us, though, is gives us a moment to pamper ourselves. Often we don’t feel like cooking because we are tired and frazzled. In all actuality, taking the time to cook can help us deal with that. It makes us take time to do something nice for ourselves.

It’s Not The Worst Look

There are tools we can use to keep us from getting other people’s illnesses. There is the hygiene mask (it goes over the nose and mouth). There are latex gloves or a non-allergenic equivalent. Yes, you may get some strange looks for wearing them in the good old United States, but the use of these items are a regular thing in other countries. They use them at work and other public settings. It helps others from getting your illness, but could also work in reverse. In a society where we watch shows where people make newspaper fashion designs surely we could come up with a worthy illness prevention design.


Your purse is your life line when it comes to personal hygiene, and hygiene is the first step to not getting sick. Carry an anti-bacterial lotion or gel and the before mentioned gloves and mask. You never know when you will need these items. If you use items that need to be changed regularly, make sure you have enough for the day. Not changing these items can cause infection and, in some cases, toxic shock.

Don’t Share

I know we were all taught that sharing with our friends was the nice thing to do, but it really does depend on what you are sharing. Don’t share makeup or lip balm. Don’t share utensils. Don’t share anything you put on your hands or face. These items are used in high germ zones. The last thing you want to share with a friend is your germs and let’s be honest, you don’t want your friend’s germs either.

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