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Posted on August 29th, 2012 by Discount Debbie

Everyday I spend more time on Pinterest than I should. But where else can the most decoratively challenged person in the world feel like I can be the next HGTV designer. I especially love finding new ways to decorate the thrifty way! Decorating doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune although it could. Face it, there are people who pay interior designers thousands of dollars just to decorate their living room. Unfortunately we just aren’t in that tax bracket so we’ll just learn to do-it-ourselves.

These are some things I’ve done that have saved us some money.

1. Make your own pillows. If you can find a good deal on fabric making pillows is really cost effective. I found some awesome fabric on sale for about $2.00 a yard and made new throw pillow for my couches. They are still going strong and would have cost a lot in the store. I am not a seamstress either, so if you simply know how to work a sewing machine, you’ll be good to go!

2. Hit the fancy garage sales. Not all garage sales are created equal. I’ll be honest here! Garage sales in more affluent neighborhoods can mean some major scores! These are great to go to for higher end decor for your house. I almost re-did my whole kitchen off of a high end estate sale.

3. Repurpose! I love this idea. Take something for one use and turn it into something else. I’ve seen cribs turned into play areas for kids to draw and color. The possibilities are endless for you creative types. I turn to Pinterest for these ideas too!

4. Buy oops paint. My grandma taught me this. She just bought a new house and it needed paint in the bedrooms. So she went to the oops isle at a home improvement store and got hundreds of dollars of┬ápremium┬ápaint for about $50. And this was no cheap paint. This was the kind I would never buy myself at full price. You can’t be picky and you probably won’t be able to get extra for touch up, but if you plan it right you can do it!

5. Don’t decorate for the seasons. Try to use decor that works all year long or you’ll have to spend more money each season. It’s much more cost effective to just have evergreen decorations.

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  1. Vanessa W. September 2, 2012

    Thanks Discount Debbie! I didn’t know what the fuss was about Pinterest & now I’m hooked. Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight regarding this resourceful information!

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