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Posted on August 1st, 2013 by Discount Debbie

Ever dropped your phone in water? A toilet bowl? A swimming pool? A bathtub? Up until two days ago, I had never done that. Then, while on vacation (of ALL times), I did it. The phone was only in the water for about 3 seconds. But, if you’ve experienced this type of water disaster, then you know know that the “three second rule” doesn’t apply to phones in water. Damage is done immediately.

When I told my sister in law, she acted immediately and very unusually. She ran to the kitchen and filled a bowl with dry rice. “Put it in here, quick!” She seemed to know what she was talking about. So, I did as she instructed. While the phone sat in the kitchen, I started to do a little investigating and discovered that my sister in law was on to something. This is apparently a way to save your phone, if it can be saved, after it has gotten wet. The rice absorbs the moisture in the phone better than any form of manual drying or blowing can do. Just leave your phone in the rice for a day or two, mixing it around every six hours or so. And, if it can be saved, it should be good.

Two days after the incident, I put back the battery, plugged the phone in and it worked! It has been off and on today. However, I’m told that it is normal for there to be a few bugs for about a week. If the bugs continue beyond that, then it needs to be serviced. But, if they go away, then you just fixed your own phone for the price of about 3 cups of rice. Not too shabby, right?

Have you ever fixed your phone this way?


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