Thrifty Camping!

Posted on May 30th, 2013 by Discount Debbie

My husband totally requested this info. He’s taking our 4-year-old camping this weekend for the very first time. Camping is one of those fun things that can be very cost effective and obviously a lot of fun! Here are our Thrifty camping tips!

1. Buy your equipment second hand. There are a lot of second hand stores that have camping equipement. Most of them won’t take damaged equipment so you should be good there. If you can find a used sporting goods store, that’s even better.

2. Skip the fancy stuff. Camping is kind of popular right now. More so than ever I think. That means retailers are coming out with tons of fancy equipement even for grilling hotdogs. You don’t need that stuff. Stick with a stick, it’s free!

3. Find a free campsite. It’s possible to not have to pay for your spot. Check out!

4. Eat cheap. Don’t make your meals fancy. Hot dogs and hamburgers are cheap and they don’t need many utensils. And who doesn’t love a campfire hot dog!?

5. Beg, borrow or steal wood. Ok actually don’t steal wood, but don’t buy it. Bring it from home if you can or search for it while your camping. That’s part of the fun of camping!

What Thrifty camping tips do you have?

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