Thrifty and Healthy: Using Coconut Oil

Posted on May 9th, 2012 by Discount Debbie


There are very few things that I really miss if there are not in my daily routine: my coffee, my workout and my coconut oil. That may sound odd. But, this stuff has crept into my life and just about taken over 😉

When I first “discovered” coconut oil, I had heard and read of some of its health benefits. It is better and safer to cook with. It has some immune-building properties and it is the ‘good fat’ that we all need. That was good enough for me to start cooking with it, especially since it’s SO YUMMY! But, over time I realized that there are so many ways to use coconut oil. Here are just a few.

Weight Loss

I hate to list this one first but, after having baby #2 last year, I have been working on it! 🙂 Did you now that taking one tablespoon of coconut oil 3-4 times a day can increase your metabolism….thereby aiding in weight loss? It’s true. Beyond what it does for metabolism, it is so filling that it also helps control appetite, which is also important in the whole weight loss process 🙂


I use it in place of lotion for my hands and even my feet sometimes. It’s very effective without any perfumes or chemicals I’d rather not have my body absorb.

Skin Conditions or Irritation

Coconut oil is effective with any rashes or skin irritation. I use it on bug bites to reduce inflammation and itching, on excessively dry skin, on burns and even small cuts. It helps aid and speed the skin’s healing process. It’s also great for diaper rash!

Insect Repellent

Mix it with a little peppermint oil extract and you have yourself some Deet (and other chemical)-free insect repellent.

There are tons more uses (and perhaps we will get to more of them later). For now, keep in mind that the butter, olive oil or vegetable oil on the shelf won’t do any of this for you. Coconut oil is one of very few in its category to be so very yummy to cook with and so very practical all over the house! (By the way, I get mine from Amazon for only $0.43 per ounce and free shipping when you “subscribe and save.”)

How do you use coconut oil?

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  1. Michelle May 11, 2012

    So many uses……
    My mackin Chocolate chip coconut cookies!!
    As a deep conditioning treatment. Why pay salon prices when all you need is saran wrap,coconut,and a towel.
    For my popcorn as butter or use it as the oil instead of that bottled stuff.
    Make sure you use 1st press it has the most nutrients. Each time coconut is heated it looses important nutrients that are vital to your health.

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