Three Money Saving Chores All Teens Should Master Before Becoming Adults

Posted on May 8th, 2014 by Freebie Felicia

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Whether your teen is signed up for a home economics class or you are teaching them to take care of their own chores, you know that there are life skills that every person needs. Here are three skills that will save them both grief and money.


Learning to cook can save our new adult a lot of money when they are just starting out on their own. It’s not just the amount of money that they will save not buying fast food or going to restaurants. It will also save them money when it comes to grocery shopping. They will waste less food by cooking it correctly and not burning it. It may also save them in medical expenses in the long run by both healthier eating as well as safe cooking practices. When getting them apartment warming gifts be sure to include things like a book of half hour recipes, a crock pot, or a rice cooker. It makes cooking easier, promotes saving through cooking, and provides diverse ways to make food.


Clothing care can also save money for our new adult. Clothes can be ruined when the wrong washer or dryer settings are used. They can be discolored when we use the wrong temperature of water. Let’s not forget that special fabrics need to be dry cleaned. In addition to this, there are basic clothing mending skills such as sewing on a button or re-sewing a seam that will save them from having to buy brand new clothes. Learning to sew or iron on patches can also prolong the life of clothing. Prolonging clothing life saves a good deal of money.


I know that this seems like an obvious way to teach a teenager or young adult to save money. But it didn’t stop some people I knew from thinking that as long as they had checks in their checkbook they had money in the bank… regardless of the bank balance. Show your children the cost of certain monthly bills, how to set up electrical or phone service. Also, show them what services they can do without when money is tight.

These three basics will put most newly on their own adults on the path to financial success, and surprisingly far ahead of most of their peers. 😉

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